We offer a variety of screen designs to suit every scene of your home & commercial. All available as Made to Measure Screens.
For Doors & Windows

Magnetic Insect Screen

For Home

Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than having flies, wasps, bees or other insects in your house when all you want to do is open a window and get a gentle refreshing breeze. Now you can keep your home insect free and enjoy the benefits of fresh air with our great value window and door fly screens.

For Commercial

Whether you're a food manufacturer, a school, hospital, restaurant or any other kind of business, we have an insect screen to make sure you comply with Food Safety Regulations. Our screens are fitted with industry approved insect mesh and we can provide extra strong stainless-steel insect mesh for those more demanding environments.

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For Doors & Windows

Stainless Steel Security Wire Mesh

For Home & Commercial

Stainless Steel Security Wire Mesh are steel mesh panels used as a penetration-resistant shield behind windows and doors. Security screen is made by simultaneously slitting and stretching a solid sheet of steel, making one continuous sheet that cannot be untangled at the strands. On the other hand, Top Magnetic Screen security mesh is made from stainless steel and it is patented and woven into a fine mesh, providing high security and protection. It is a highly resilient and durable barrier that can withstand any break in attempts.

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Magnetic Screen, Pet Screen, Solar Screen, Folding Type Insect Screen

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Sliding, Swing, Bi-Fold, 2-in-1 Security Door & Window (Thermally Insulated Glass & Security Mesh)

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